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Hearth Cooking Class

Photos by Mark Kimbal Moulton

Prepare and enjoy authentic colonial (or modern!) dishes cooked in an 18th century reproduction keeping room.

A multi-course meal will be prepared and cooked on the open hearth and in a nearby bake oven, using antique and reproduction cookware. Learn every aspect of open hearth meal preparation from bringing in wood to cooking in a bake oven.

"The quiet of the keeping room gave way to rat-a-tat chopping...and the occasional
' Which pot should I use? Is the fire hot enough? Does the cornbread look done?

Some dishes dangled from a long iron rod over the flames, others nestled in the base of the coals. At one point, I counted six different pots and pans in the fire, each the responsibility of a different cook jockeying his or her pot into position at the hearth.

'Time to turn the roast!' Ellen would call out, and whoever was nearby cranked the handle on the tin reflector oven."                      Lydia Walshin, RI Monthly Magazine, Feb 2007

Sample Menu

    • Golden butternut squash soup with biscuits or corn oysters cooked on hanging griddle
    • Tasty New England cornbread prepared in the "spider"
    • Succulent roast pork or turkey cooked in the tin reflector oven
    • Savory pear chutney, cranberry relish & hearty winter root vegetables
    • Thomas Jefferson's bread pudding (with chocolate sauce) baked in the beehive oven
    • Clove cake or Martha Washington's spiced gingerbread cooked in Dutch oven

Turkey in the tin ovenRemoving turkey from the tin ovenTurkey on the platterCarving the turkey


Lessons are held in an authentically recreated keeping room with interior paneled shutters, 12-over-12 windows, wide pine floor boards, paneled fireplace wall, and tavern cage bar.  Reservations may be made for individuals, couples and groups.  Request your own class date or choose from below.

Note: Workshops vary between four to six hours and include preparing and consuming the meal. All food and supplies are included in the cost of the workshop. (Participants are welcome to bring their own wine.) The ideal number of participants is 8 per class; minimum of 6.

Hearth Cooking and Beehive oven


  • Saturday, January 23 (full)
  • Sunday, January 30 (full)
  • Saturday, February 6 (one space available)
  • Saturday, March 12 (full)
  • Saturday, March 19 (full)
  • Saturday, April 2 (new)

Gift certificates are available for your special occasions.

Rates per Person

Historical hearth cooking provides enough food for multiple meals because of the authentic recipes, preparation time and labor involved. Due to this my classes are designed for groups of 6-8 at $50 per person.

Alternate arrangements may be made for smaller groups but at a price which still covers the costs of the recipe ingredients, preparation, and labor involved. Please contact me to discuss prices.

Special Groups: Special arrangements are available for docents associated with historical sites and for children's groups.

Special Events
Hearth Cooking
Extras & Directions